KEA Education aims to provide a network of high quality educational consultants in every New Zealand province by 2017.

These consultants, our Associates, will be professionals with considerable credibility in their province and known for the ethical and passionate approach to people engaged in education, be they young learners or adults.


Our Associates will be professionals who will be supported by the resources and facilities of KEA Education which will include appropriate coaching, documentary resources and access to KEA’s Survey Monkey facilities for appraisals [360 surveys] and community consultation for recruitment to senior positions in schools.

KEA Associates will have brand recognition throughout the country; be recognised in our advertisements in the Education Gazette; and, of course, have all their details on our KEA Education website.

Associates will also still be “free agents” to run their own ship – this is not a “takeover” but, rather, an enhancement of what consultants throughout the country are already doing. Associates will still work in their own area of operations.