Peter’s Principalship experience is extensive, ranging from a small two teacher country school in North Otago through to a large, dual-sited 850 pupil / 70+ staff inner-city school in Auckland.

PeterAysonPeterhas taught in contributing, full primary and intermediates ranging from decile 1 to 10.

Peter retired from Meadowbank School at the end of 2018 giving him currency of expectations in managing and governing schools. This also involved 4 years participation in the Auckland Central Community of Schools / Learning.

Under Peter’s guidance Meadowbank achieved multiple 4-5 year ERO Reports reflecting the school’s high achievement attained in literacy and mathematics and its extensive enrichment programmes. Meadowbank has an enviable reputation as a leading EnviroSchool (beyond Green Gold), with its Garden to Table Programme, and in the teaching of languages (Te Reo and Mandarin). It is also very successful at raising additional resourcing / funding which in turn enabled the employment of extra staff and for the enrichment programmes to occur.

Peter was granted two Ministry sabbaticals - in 2010 to investigate the resourcing and expenditure of large primary schools, and in 2015 to investigate successful reflective practices in schools. Peter has also travelled to Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Sweden, China and Korea to examine successful practices. A resulting 15 year sister school relationship with a Melbourne school involved exchanges of teachers and students proved to be hugely beneficial to both schools.

Besides appraisals of Principals and Senior Management, Peter is working with Principals and Boards investigating and reporting on current practices leading to recommendations for the future, and to assist schools to access additional resourcing.

Additionally, since retiring Peter is getting back into Masters’ Swimming, and along with his wife is now able to use his bach more frequently.


Contact Peter on: 027 521 0566 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.