Roll: Growing to 500+

Applicants should notice that the advertisement for this position will feature again in an on-line version in January and, on the 8th February, the Gazette will also publish the full-colour advertisement.

Please note that the closing date for this position is Monday, 22 February 2021 so you have ample time to prepare your CV and your application forms in time for closing date. The holidays are perfect times for refreshing your CV.

KEA will close for the holidays on 11 December.

We are a new Y1–8 school opening in February 2022. The school will be situated in the Auranga community in Drury West (https://www.auranga.co.nz/) and will offer students and their families a high-quality and progressive learning and development environment.

We invite applications from educators who are excited by the unique opportunity to work with our foundation principal to design a creative and innovative learning culture that prioritises the individual learning needs of our akonga, strong learning partnerships and a voice for all. Applicants are invited to chat with the principal, Lisa Cavanagh, about the positions and the school at any time (021) 531 400.

We are looking to build a senior leadership team that has a balance of the following.

Our educators will have:

  • excellent knowledge of the NZ Curriculum and recent developments relating to it

  • play, exploration, inquiry and creativity embedded in their pedagogy

  • a passion for effective pedagogies that are successful in innovative and modern learning environments

  • high expectations for all akonga

  • experience in building and maintaining a strong culture of care across the school community

  • culturally responsive and inclusive practices that recognise our multicultural demographic and acknowledge the special place of Māori as mana whenua

  • skills to create and maintain genuine reciprocal partnerships with our families, iwi and wider community.


Key dates for the appointment:

  • Applications close at Monday 22 February 2021, 5 pm.

  • Applicants will hear soon after 4 March 2021 if they go to interview on Wednesday 10 March 2021.

  • Starting day for the positions will be 3 May 2021, day 1 term 2.

Documents for the Application:

icon download 1 1. KEA Letter

icon download 1 2. Chairperson Letter

icon download 1 3. Person Description

icon download 1 4. Job Description

icon download 1 5. School Details

icon download 1 6. Clean Slate Act

icon download 1 7. Gazette Advertising - pending


For a chat about the new school contact Alan Jermaine on 021 119 3309 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The essential applications form must be obtained from Ngaire Jermaine of KEA Education at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..